Application Process


Application Dates

Applications will be accepted throughout the year with an annual deadline of August 31st for the subsequent class that begins in January. We encourage students to submit applications as soon as possible because in the event of a tie for the last admission slot, the applicant who submitted their application first will be given the slot. 

The ARNEC Application should be completed and submitted online. You may only apply onetime per application period, multiple applications will result in disqualification for this admission period. The application will be submitted to the school(s) that you select while completing the online application. Students must also complete an application to the college where they are applying and comply with that institution's admission requirements. This includes submitting all required documents to that institution.

Entrance Requirements

All general education courses, except for one, must be completed by the application deadline (August 31). The one remaining course (never completed) must be completed by the following December with a grade of "C" or higher. Students must have all general education requirements completed by the time classes begin. 

  • Background checks will be conducted on selected applicants prior to the beginning of the program. If an applicant's/ student's background check is unsatisfactory, he/she will not
    be admitted to the program. Note: This background check is at the student's expense

Applicants must show proof of:

  • Complete an ARNEC program application online at

  • Graduate from a State Board approved technical /practical nursing program or be deemed qualified by a State Board to sit for the NCLEX-PN exam and show successful completion of the NCLEX-PN exam.

  • Possess an active, valid, unencumbered LPN/LVN license

  • Complete the required general education courses from an accredited college or university with a grade of “C” or better.

  • A cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale) or above. GPA is composed of the required general education courses. You must also meet the criteria of the primary school of choice. You must also meet the criteria of the primary school of choice.

  • You must have a copy of all college transcripts for advisement and OFFICIAL transcripts from ALL college(s) by September 15th.

  • English as a second Language (ESL): All classes are taught in the English language, making it necessary that students are able to read, speak, write, and comprehend the English language proficiently. According to the Arkansas State Board of Nursing Rules for education programs (Chapter 6, section G-Students, c.), “Students who speak English as a second language shall meet the same admission criteria as other students and shall pass an English proficiency examination.”

  • Drug screen (per admitting institution protocol)

  • Pre-Entrance Exam

Students will be ranked and selected based on their GPA of the required general education course and their pre-entrance exam score. Students must comply with the admission requirements set forth by the admitting institution in addition to the ARNEC requirements.

If an applicant failed twice in a generic RN program, then later successfully completed an LPN/LVN/LPTN program, the applicant will be eligible to apply to the ARNEC program.


Applicants that are selected for admission must notify the ARNEC institution that they will be attending to verify and accept placement. Upon acceptance into the program, the student must provide the following:

  • Current American Heart Association: Healthcare Provider CPR Course

  • TB Health Card

  • Hepatitis B (verification of completion or started) or a Denial Waiver form signed

  • Proof of immunity to varicella. Proof may consist of:

    1. Proof of two vaccines, at least 1 month apart or

    2. varicella antibody titer indicating immunity

  • Proof of current Influenza Vaccination

  • All immunizations must be current upon acceptance and maintained during the program. Other immunizations may be required per facility.

Students selected will receive a letter of acceptance into the program, and will need to provide the admitting institution a written letter stating that they are accepting the invitation and will enroll in the program. This letter can be emailed to the program chair, faxed, or brought to the nursing department in person. If the student chooses to email or fax their letter of acceptance, they should follow up by calling the nursing department to make sure it was received. In the event that the student does not plan to enroll, the student needs to notify the institution so that an alternate student may have the slot. ARNEC will have an alternate list of students in the case of a selected student declining his/her acceptance letter.

Students accepted into the ARNEC Program will be required to demonstrate PN to RN competencies at the beginning of the program.

Academic Progression

In order to progress in the nursing curriculum, the student must meet the following criteria:

  • The student must maintain a 2.0 “C” (on a 4.0 scale) in all general education and nursing classes, including nursing practicum, to progress to the next semester. Nursing courses require students to achieve at least a 78% (lowest “C” grade) to progress.

  • Students maintain compliance with ARNEC's policies to progress to the next semester or graduate.


Due to differences in nursing curriculum in other nursing programs, ARNEC will not accept transfer credit for previously taken Registered Nursing courses. Students who were enrolled in another program will follow the same requirements and admission procedures as students who have never attended another nursing program.

Advanced Placement of Students

Refer to the Advanced Placement of Students policy in the admitting college’s catalog.

Graduation Policy

Students must have successfully completed all general education courses and all nursing courses with a grade of “C” or better. Upon completion, the student’s status will be submitted to the state board of nursing declaring that the student wishes to sit for the licensing examination.

Graduation from the ARNEC LPN/LVN - to - RN Transition Program does NOT automatically enable the student to sit for the NCLEX-RN, (i.e., unacceptable criminal background check, such as but not limited to violation of Annotated Code 17-87-312.) This is determined by the state board of nursing that the graduate applies for licensure to.