Frequently Asked Questions


Students can complete the ARNEC application here.

How do I apply to the ARNEC program?

When are applications accepted?

Deadline for applications is August 31st of every year for the following class that will begin in January.

The school you select to attend will notify you with instruction on how to sign up and take the pre-entrance exam through your email once you have been deemed eligible.  If you have not been contacted regarding the pre-entrance exam by August 31, you need to contact the school you wish to attend.

How do I schedule to take the pre-entrance exam?


All applicants will receive a letter in the mail letting them know if they were or were not accepted. Students should receive a letter of admission status by early November.

How will I know if I was accepted into the program?

Some of our students maintain full-time status while others have chosen to drop to part-time status. The decision regarding employment status is up to the student. Students must allow ample weekly study time to be successful in the program.

Will I be able to work full-time or part-time while in the ARNEC program?

Depending on the institution where you are a student, clinical rotations will take place either one Saturday or Sunday per week or a Saturday-Sunday combination every other weekend. Clinical sites are planned to take place as close to your community as possible, while still providing you with opportunities to learn and practice the roles and responsibilities of RN's.

How are clinicals planned?

ARNEC accepts applications from students completing a PN/VN program. If granted admission, the student must show proof of their LPN/LVN license by the first day of class in January. If the student cannot do so, they must withdraw from the program.

Can I apply if I haven’t completed my PN/VN program yet?

Applicants who were enrolled in, but did not complete, another registered nursing program may apply to ARNEC, if you have successfully completed an LPN/LVN/LPTN program and have a valid unencumbered license. Official transcripts from all colleges attended must be provided.

Can I apply to ARNEC if I was unsuccessful in another RN program?

ARNEC strongly encourages applicants to prepare for the pre-entrance exam by studying an NCLEX-PN review book.

How can I prepare/study for the pre-entrance exam?