General ARNEC Program Information

Classes begin in January and students graduate in December. ARNEC combines classroom instruction with clinical experiences to educate students on the roles, knowledge base, and responsibilities of Registered Nurses. Nursing lectures are delivered by real-time interactive television (ITV) two afternoons/evenings per week, tests are computerized taken at class time, there are required online assignments, and most clinical experiences are scheduled for weekends. 

This program meets the requirements of the Arkansas State Board of Nursing. Due to the strenuous nature of the nursing curriculum, the admitting institution reserves the right to determine eligibility of any student to enroll or continue in the nursing program. Eligibility is determined by the faculty’s evaluation of the student’s required general education curriculum GPA, and the score on the pre-entrance exam. 

Applicants: All general education courses, except for one, must be completed by the application deadline (August 31st). The one remaining course must be completed by December. Students must have all general education requirements completed by the time classes begin. 

If an applicant failed in a generic RN program, then later successfully completed an LPN/LVN/LPTN program, the applicant will be eligible to apply to the ARNEC program.